Faustin Adeniran is a contemporary artist from Lagos, Nigeria. Through extensive historical research and his deep observation of cultural trends, Faustin reflects elements of society in his artwork by reimagining materials that would otherwise be considered trash or recyclable.

Faustin is a certified Contemporary Artist from the African Artist Foundation and a Member of the Centre of Contemporary Art, Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria. Faustin’s works have been featured in international exhibitions in Nigeria and France as well as exhibitions across the Northeast USA, including the Empire State Building, NY; Highline Loft Gallery in Chelsea, NY; the DaSilva Art Gallery in New Haven, CT; and the Reynolds Fine Art Gallery in New Haven, CT. 

His work has been showcased at the Annual Art and Culture Festival in Hamden, CT and most recently, Adeniran had work commissioned for Indra Nooyi, CEO of PepsiCo. Outside of his craft, Faustin has given presentations and workshops on the social significance of his work to students at A&M Alabama University, James Madison University, and Quinnipiac University. Faustin received his Bachelor’s Degree in Western European Studies with a focus in French Studies from the University of Lagos. Faustin continues to pursue his passion and expand his body of work at the Adeniran Art Studio based in New Haven, CT, USA.


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