Society Series

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Society Series


Recycled Cans & Detritus

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Faustin Adeniran’s work, Society Series, focuses on American culture and uses aluminum cans as a medium of expression. On the surface, American culture can be viewed as flamboyant, capitalistic, and wasteful. This can be reflected in how people consume and how they waste. 

The majority of our society can afford to purchase products in cans, use them, and throw them away; while an overlooked minority collects these cans to make a living. These are the most vulnerable members in our society—the mentally, the unemployed, and for whatever reason, the unemployable, who are thrown away by the general public.

As cans change hands, the rich and the poor are united in a cycle of waste, that essentially becomes a cycle of rebirth and unity. Externally, the can is a vessel for industry rivalry, consumer preference, and over-consumption, but when the individual pieces of the cans come together in these artworks, they create a richer whole that embraces the beauty of unity and diversity.