Transformation Series



Transformation Series



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These works explore the relationship between Western sensibilities and true liberation.

 As an artist, I am interested in the miseducation of colonized peoples modernized into a civilized condition, especially those on the African continent.

This series is intricately crafted from aluminum and wooden structures to shed light on a prevailing African mentality which aims to elevate Western ideologies and undervalue the creation and production of all things that we ourselves create. Even systems of power, politics, and education on the continent establish control and dilute African heritage, assimilating to a more European way of being.

 While growing up in Nigeria, I experienced the wealth disparity in my home country where a select few were able to live in abundance, another small group migrate to another country, while the remaining majority lived in fear, barely able to  get enough to eat. 

This series of work presents an unlearning  from the desire to flaunt material wealth and luxuries to escape a subconscious inferiority complex into an awakening and unveiling of the truest and highest version of self.